Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire Stick  Roku  AppleTV  Chromecast Android TV

These streaming devices bring the internet to your TV.  They enhance your Smart TV and give you a wide range of apps.

Smart TV vs Streaming device

You can rely on just a Smart TV but I always recommend getting a streaming device. Streaming devices update their software on a consistent basis.  Bringing you the best streaming experience is their job.  TV companies don’t update their Smart TV capabilities nearly as often.  Their job is to provide you with a TV.  So even if you buy a high end Smart TV, you could end up with software that isn’t being updated just a few years later.

The app stores on Smart TVs can be very limited.  Again, streaming devices want to give you the best viewing experience so they are always working to give you the widest range of the best apps.

Streaming devices aren’t expensive

Streaming devices are relatively cheap.  You can pick one up for under $30. Very good, higher end streaming devices are still around $100.

Think of a streaming device as your new “cable box”.  You need one per TV.  You are probably paying $10-15 per month, per cable box.  Even a high end ($100) streaming device, will be cheaper than paying for a cable box for a year.

Streaming devices are portable

You can take your streaming device with you when you travel and bring all your favorite shows with you.  They only need to use an HDMi port (to plug into your TV), an electrical outlet and an internet connection.

This also means that you are no longer tied to a cable outlet.  You don’t have to arrange your family room around where the TV has to be.

If you have a guest room, you can temporarily move a TV in there when someone is staying over (you also aren’t paying $10/month for a TV that is used once or twice a year).

Streaming Player Comparison

Let’s find the right streaming device for you.

First, we will compare all of the streaming devices and give our recommendation.  Then, we will go through each one and give a detailed explanation.

First up: Amazon Fire Stick

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Apple TV


Android TV

Once you’ve chosen your streaming device, it’s time to find a Streaming Services