If you have questions and would like some individualized help setting up streaming services for your home or business, I can help!

Questions via email are always free =) If you think I’m really helpful, you can buy me a coffee

Personal Streaming service recommendation – $15

Send me an email!

  • Tell me what channels and TV shows you watch and I’ll tell you what streaming service you want!
  • Includes a Google Sheets file with your favorite channels and what services carry those channels.

Individual Consultation – $75

Send me an email!

  • General overview on what you need to start streaming
  • Personalized recommendations
    • Streaming devices
    • Best modem/router combinations
    • HD Antenna
  • Monthly budget including monthly and yearly savings
  • Comprehensive list of streaming services and personalized recommendations on what is right for you

If you are local to the North Shore of Chicago, we can meet in person.

Group Presentation – $50/per person or $200 flat fee

Send me an email!

I’d love to come and talk to your local organization, book club, group of neighbors, etc.

  • 90 minute presentation including time for questions
  • General overview on what you need to start streaming
  • Product recommendations
  • Monthly budget with monthly and yearly savings
  • Depending on number of people, personalized recommendations

If you are located on the North Shore of Chicago, I can give an in person presentation.

Guest Posting

If you would like to guest post on my website, or would like me to write for yours, please send me an email.  I’m open to working with you!

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