Cable vs. Streaming Costs

How much can I save by cutting the cord?

Right now, you are paying too much to watch TV.  You just are.

Let’s compare the monthly and yearly costs of cable versus streaming TV.

Streaming does involve some up front costs for equipment.  However, you will save money in the long run.  You will still save a significant amount of money your first year.

I included internet in the comparison, because you will need a reliable internet connection in order to stream TV.  I did not include the cost of Netflix (or Hulu) or Amazon Prime.  I have both of these services but I had them even when I had cable.

The YouTubeTV package that is included in streaming costs gives you a “cable-like” experience.  You can watch live TV, there are also On Demand options.  It even has lots of sports channels.  This is what my family subscribes to (and we watch a lot of sports).

Monthly Cost of Cable TV

Cost of Streaming TV

Yearly Savings without cable

I used my parents’ current cable bill from Comcast and my current monthly streaming bill.  These are real numbers!

As I mentioned, there are upfront costs with streaming.  You need to have a streaming device (in this case, a Roku) for each of your TVs.  I also highly recommend buying your own modem and router instead of renting from your internet provider.  I have an HD antenna set up on my main TV, for watching sports, the news and local weather.

I will go through all of these options and a couple more.  So.  Let’s get started!