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Rokus are our favorite because they are very customizable.  You can easily add and remove apps.  You can also rearrange apps based on what you use the most at the top. In order to work, Roku needs an HDMI cord (included with most models) to connect to your TV, it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet (this cord is included) and an internet connection.

Note: this page contains affiliate links.  That means if you buy something using one of the links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you (it helps pay for my Netflix). 

Roku model comparison chart

Roku Smart TVs are also available


We recommend one Roku Ultra for your main TV.  You can plug the ethernet cord straight into your modem (assuming it is close by) for the fastest and most reliable connection. It will also work with a wireless connection to the internet.

I personally have the (first generation) Roku Premiere, without the ability to control my TV power and volume from the Roku remote.  I’d love to have this feature!

For the rest of your TVs, we recommend the Roku Streaming Stick for HD or Roku Streaming Stick Plus for 4K. You can use the Roku remote to control your TV power and volume.

All of these are also available in certified refurbished condition.  They aren’t that much cheaper (maybe $5-15 less), so I would recommend just getting a new one.

Roku Express is the most basic model.  We have one in our basement, where we rarely watch TV.  This is also the Roku that we take when we travel.

Roku Express Plus is good if you have a TV that doesn’t have an HDMI port.  You can connect it to your TV using A/V cords (the ones with the white, red and yellow connectors).

You can download the app Rokie and use your phone as your Roku remote (I use this when our remote has been misplaced).

Here is a video of a quick overview of how to use a Roku:

Our Recommendation

For your main TV – Roku Ultra

For each of your other TVs – Roku Streaming Stick

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