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Amazon Fire streaming devices
Comparison of Amazon Fire streaming devices

Our Opinion

The Amazon Fire streaming devices  are ok.  They work just fine. However, they focus more on Amazon’s Prime content than on what the user wants to see.

Your content is not prioritized, it shows what is trending on Amazon.

Amazon devices are not the only way to access Amazon Prime Video content.  All the other major streaming devices (ones listed on this website) have the ability to download the Prime Video app.

You need an Amazon account (you do not need Prime) in order to use any of Amazon’s streaming products.  This shouldn’t be an issue, because you most likely used your Amazon account to order it. If you used your Amazon account to buy it, then it will automatically be linked to your account when it arrives.

So, if you are buying one as a gift for someone else, make sure you check the box that says, “this is a gift”.  It is just below the “add to cart” button.  This will make sure that the device is unregistered.

I bought one for my brother, who does not have an Amazon account.  So in order for him to use it, I had to set up an account for him.  This includes putting in credit card information, it makes it easy to make purchases through the Fire stick.

If you have an Amazon account but not Prime membership, you won’t be able to access Amazon’s Prime Videos.  Click here to try a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.

They do not have Google Play or YouTube.

You cannot access the streaming service YouTube TV on any Amazon streaming devices.  

Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV can connect to the internet with a wireless connection.  Or, you can buy an ethernet adapter. Amazon Fire Cube has both wireless and ethernet connection options.

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