Fubo TV

Fubo TV offers lots of options for watching sports.  There are many add ons for different sporting channels.  The one drawback:  it doesn’t have ESPN.

Soccer enthusiasts have reported that Fubo TV has everything they want.

Fubo has a Latino package for $18/month and a Portugues package for $20/month.  There are extra channels you can add to both of these packages.

  • Fubo – $45/month ($5 off your first month)
  • Fubo Extra – $50/month ($5 off your first month)
  • Add ons:
    • Cycling – 5 channels for $12/month
    • International Sports Plus – 4 channels for $6/month
    • Sports Plus – 17 channels for $9/month
    • Adventure Plus – 5 channels for $5/month
    • Showtime – $11/month
    • RAI Italia – $8/month
    • Portuguese Plus – 3 channels for $15/month
    • Mundo Plus – 5 channels for $6/month
    • fubo Latino – 9 channels for $13/month
  • DVR with 30 hours included in every package
  • Cloud DVR with 500 hours for $10/month
  • 2 screens can watch simultaneously
  • Also doesn’t have any Nickelodeon or Disney channels

Local Channels

Fubo provides local channels (CBS, FOX, NBC and CW) for select areas. For the list, click here.

If you don’t live in an area serviced by Fubo, you may be able to get programming from your local channels from Fubo’s On Demand menu or the station’s TV Everywhere app.

If you are traveling, the local channels you can access will reflect the area that you are visiting.

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