How to start streaming

Streaming TV is getting your television programs, movies and other video content through the internet.  With cable TV, your video feed comes to your house and on to your TV through cable lines.

When you watch streaming TV, your streaming device (Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV etc) gets the video from the internet and puts the images on your TV.

Here are the steps we will guide you through to set up streaming in your home.

I have a Smart TV, do I need a streaming device?

The short answer is, yes.  Technically, you can access some streaming services (for example, Netflix or Sling TV) via a Smart TV.

However, Smart TVs are limited.  Different brands of TVs will have access to different apps.  Also, Smart TVs don’t update their app software nearly as often as streaming devices.  You can end up with a Smart TV that stops updating their software a year or so after you buy your TV.

A streaming device will give you access to a wide variety of apps.  They update their app stores frequently and add new content.

It’s best to go with a streaming device.

There are some exceptions! 

Both Roku and Amazon Fire have paired with TV manufacturers to make Streaming TVs.  These are TVs that have the software of Roku or Amazon Fire built in.  With these TVs there is no need for a separate streaming device and you don’t have to worry about being limited in what apps you have access to.

For a first time streamer, I recommend a streaming device over a streaming TV.  There’s no need to buy a whole new TV!