AT&T Watch TV

AT&T Watch TV may be free for you, if you have a qualifying cell phone plan through AT&T.  It is the least expensive of all the streaming services but also the most limited.

AT&T Watch TV is not available on Roku.

  • $15/month for 30 channels
  • 1,500 On Demand shows and movies
  • 1 stream at a time
  • No DVR

We think AT&T Watch TV is an excellent choice for AT&T customers who get it for free or people who watch very few channels (if those channels are supported by Watch TV).  It is not a good choice for anyone who likes to watch sports.  I also would not recommend it for families because only one person can use the service at a time.

There are no local channels offered with Watch TV, but you should be able to get those with your antenna!  So I wouldn’t count this one out if it meets all your other criteria.

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