Apple TV

If you are a big Apple user household.  Apple TV is for you!  Download the Apple TV app on your phone or iPad.  If you pause a movie, you can pick it up from the same spot on a different device.

Apple TV 4K Apple TV
$180 – 32 GB

$200 – 64 GB

$150 – 32 GB
  • Compatible with Siri
  • Share photos from your iPhone on your TV
  • Not recommended for Android phone users

Apple TV does have a higher price point than other streaming devices.  If you are an Android phone user, we don’t recommend Apple TV because most of the “extras” it provides are directly linked to iPhone and iPad usage.

Apple’s website works with Ebates and gives 2% cash back on some of its products, but not on new electronics.

Apple TV requires an HDMI cord to connect to your TV, a connection to an electrical outlet and internet (either wireless or using an ethernet cord). The remote has a lightning charger (like an iPhone). Be aware that you will need to charge it.  But, on the plus side, no batteries!

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